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About Us Antalya Shawarma Restaurant

Antalya Shawarma Restaurant Opened by Ismael Salih

Antalya Shawarma is a traditional Kurdish, Turkish. Arabic and Lebanese restaurant located in the heart of Ward End on Wash Wood Health Road not far from the famous White House located at Ward End Park. The founder of Antalya Shawarma was Ismael Salih and established in 2017 and since then Antalya Shawarma has been serving customers from around Ward End, Alum Rock, Washwood Heath and Hodge Hill area, not only these areas but customers from other cities and towns come and enjoy Antalya Shawarma Restaurant an authentic Kurdish, Turkish, Lebanese, and Arabic cuisine.

About Antalya Shawarma founder Ismael Salih


Antalya Shawarma Restaurant uses 100% Halal Meat in all of Antalya Shawarma Restaurant menus items. Antalya Shawarma Restaurant ensures that Antalya Shawarma Restaurant provides the highest level of hygiene and prepares all food to the highest quality standards. All of Antalya Shawarma Restaurant ingredients are 100% authentic Kurdish, Turkish, Lebanese, and Arabic cuisine ingredients, which are passed down the Ismael Salih family tree line

About Antalya Shawarma Staff


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